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We have the bench-mounted tools you and your Builder need to move from the kit to the track  
in a single hassle-free session . . .      
(Instruction on tool use is always free.)
   Nine new bandsaws             Nine new disk-belt sanders
   Three new drill presses        Two electronic scales
   Two NEW state-of-the-art cardboard box paint booths

"What the hands learn, the mind cannot forget."
What does it cost per car . . . a competitive car?
Even if you've never built a car before?

Three hours' reserved shop time 

​               Package of weights                    INCLUDED(3 Ounces of Zinc) EACH CAR
Paint          INCLUDED(Two coats)
Sandpaper                                 INCLUDED(Four grades)
            Hands-on instruction                 INCLUDED(18 Years in 1 place; now on The Shop Bus!)
Replacement kit (Event-Appropriate)      $5.00
Dry Transfer Graphics              INCLUDED (First Sheet Each Car) Really pops your eyes!
                                                          This is NEW.
                                               Total $42.00
Extra Graphite to grease the lightning  $6.00 - $10.00 (Of course you lube your car before you're through.  This is for tubes or applicators to take home.)
We'll even help you pack your car for a safe trip home.

You will go home with a car that is ready to race . . . that very day . . . and we have had some families come in to build a car to race that day.  We don't recommend it, but it can be done.  If you (hopefully) have some time left before  your race, we recommend you pick up some graphite to lubricate your wheels and axles.  We have really good graphite, and we have some great graphite.  The more you work patiently on your car and your wheels and axles the faster it will go.
          PINEWOODDERBYWORKSHOP HAS MOVED.  We were in the same space for eighteen years, then I retired from teaching High School.  We sold the house and moved to a (very) small house without a garage.  I am setting up the PineWoodDerbyWorkshop in a big ole over-the-road bus.  This lets several really cool things happen.
          First:  I get to use my Architecture Degree to design "the ultimate woodshop."  I have sat down and arranged the tools in each workstation in the most efficient layout . . . everything you need to build your car is grouped right there together.  
          Second:  There is nothing in this workshop that is not PineWoodDerbyWorkshop-related.  I'm not storing a myriad of other projects and tools there.  Those are now being maintained at WindWalkerCamp's Missouri campsite.  (More later.)  
          Third:  I am buying NINE NEW bandsaws, NINE NEW disk-belt sanders, and THREE NEW drill presses.  Everyone gets to start at the same time.  "Nine Workstations--No Waiting!"  Three Paint-stations. (I'm not sure what that's going to do with our "state-of-the-art paint booth, though.)  
          Fourth:  (Maybe the most powerful)  The PineWoodDerbyWorkshop is portable.  It can come to your Den or Pack meeting place.  You don't have to drive to Carrollton in the middle of the week on a school night; we can "set up shop" in your neighborhood.  HOWEVER, the intent - to make it easy for EVERYBODY - is to park it in a single same location every session.  We can talk about it.

​           The 2014-2015 Calendar is available on the CALENDAR button above.
           Scheduling this year is on EventBrite.  I'm setting up links in the Calendar            right now.  Check the Calendar . . . hang with me.

                Still working on that.  Before you come out call to be sure.  When we get the                     location locked in, I'll post that here.
As of SUNDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2014

​The calendar show regular school-day session times of 5:30-8:30.
If your office wants to have their own PineWoodDerby as a Team Building event, the PineWoodDerby Workshop bus can set up in your parking lot for a special "For Grown-Ups Only" session.

The shop is available for Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, AWANA, Royal Rangers, YMCA Tribes . . . any group who wants to share the fun of turning a block of wood into a seriously fun racing machine.

Watch the website for additional special races . . .
                    KnotHole Cars . . . . . . . . . . the car has to be at least 50% Knothole!
                    Exotic Wood Cars  . . . . . . . the car has to be specific woods such as Cocobolo or Jacaranda or Ebony . . . no paint; just varnish or polyurethane finishes.
                    Assembled Cars . . . . . . . . . the car has to be built of at lease five identifiable pieces of wood, each piece being a structural part of the car.
                    Cars of a Specific Type . . . . Indianapolis, Formula V, Trucks.

The opportunities for pine car racing are absolutely limitless!
With the incredibly valuable impact wrench . . . I was able to unbolt the seats from the floor in an afternoon before the rain coming in through the open emergency exits and door forced a halt.  (I had the door and exits open for ventilation.)  You should whistle the theme from *The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly* right here.
This is what the bus looks like with all the seats in place.  About a quarter of them are out the window and ready for recycling.  The rest are waiting for the rain to go away . . . hopefully.
Note the precision craftsmanship exhibited in removing the seats from the bus.  This stack wound up in the bed of the Ranger and hauled out to the land for breaking down into components for recycling.
We (Kathryn and I) drove the bus back from Los Angeles to Neosho two weeks ago.  This photo was taken at the Magnolia gas station in Shamrock, Texas.  We drove under a tree you wouldn't even notice in your car and knocked a gazillion leaves into the street . . . note to self; the bus is long AND TALL.
All the scheduling this year is on EventBrite.  I'm linking to the Calendar right now, so hang with me a little bit.

I'm figuring out how to link Facebook and this web page to keep everyone up to speed with the status of the bus build out . . . 
Bus Interior
Thursday, 19 October.