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"What the hands learn, the mind cannot forget."
        4 DECEMBER


If your office or business or Department wants to have their own PineWoodDerby as a Team Building event, I can bring the PineWoodDerby Workshop bus to set up in your parking lot for a special "For Grown-Ups Only" session.

Safety instruction and all machine procedures will be covered at the beginning of each session.  

A typical session will see everyone complete their car and be ready to to "mana-a-mano" with the rest of the Department in a three-hour session.

Here's the link for the PineWoodDerbyWorkshop FB page:

You are going to love this new shop/bus. Call me at 214/789-0359, and come see it.
          Or call me to schedule a bus visit to your Pack meeting.
                  Or call me to bring the bus to your Round Table meeting.
                          I'm going to be making a bus tour of the different Scout Shop shopping centers.  
                                  I'll post those dates a week or so before I come out.

PineWoodDerbyWorkshop is a little different from what it has been.  It has evolved into a new iteration along with Uncle Pat's retirement from teaching High School.

For eighteen years I had PineWoodDerbyWorkshop in my two-car garage behind my home on Branch Hollow Lane in Carrollton, Texas.  Then I retired from teaching.  The kids had all grown up and moved out of the house, and Kathryn and I didn't want the mortgage on four times more house than we were living in.

So we retired to our forty-three acres in the toenails of the Missouri Ozark foothills.  Oh, Lordy, it's beautiful up there, and quiet, and much, much slower-paced.

But there are not literally hundreds of Cub Scouts and Indian Guides and Awanas needing to build Pinewood race cars . . . and that left a hunger in my deepest heart . . . 'cause I absolutely loved "granddaddying" all those kids.  (I have six, but they're scattered across the whole country.)

So I bought a 1987 MCI bus - the same kind Greyhound  uses, tore the seats and overhead compartments out, and built it to hold nine complete workstations so as many as nine kids can build their pinewood race cars with their parents in a three-hour session.  

It's got all new tools - bandsaws, sanders, drill presses . . . everything you need.
It's got a pair of electronic scales that will weigh your car to a gnat's patoot.
It's got a couple of new state-of-the-art paint booths.
It's got patterns if you need to jump-start your design.
It's got the official zinc weights - we even sell the top-of-the-power-curve tungsten weights 
        for a little  extra.
It's got the graphites - the good, double-ground and even the wonderful triple-ground stuff.
        You'll leave with your car lubed and ready to race, and you can buy an extra tube to take with you.
It's got the sandpaper and paints (two coats) as part of the deal.
It's even got the decals as part of the deal.
And, if you left your kit at home, we can sell you an official kit to replace it!

You and your assistant can literally walk onto the shop-bus empty-handed, and walk off with a complete, competitive, ready-to-race car. And, not only can you build your car, you can complete your Craftsman Activity Badge and build your own Arrow of Light.

Girl Scouts have come to the shop-bus to build "Five-Board Benches." Those are a lot of fun to build.

The Nor'kirk Presbyterian Church at 3915 N. Josey Lane in Carrollton (75007) has graciously let us set up in their parking lot, so if just you and your builder or two or three friends want to come out and build your car, we're in an easy-to-find location.  (It's within a block of where we have always been before.)

If you would like to have the whole gang build their cars at one time, you can reserve all nine slots
         during a school day, and I'll bring the bus to you.
And if you really want to take it over the top, reserve all thirty-six slots on a Saturday or a Sunday or a
        holiday, and the bus will be there.  -- Sunday you'll have to clear it with the priest or the preacher
         for us to set up in the back parking lot.

Some folks are concerned that it costs more than it did last year.  I understand that.  I don't like
        it when prices go up either, but since the shop is no longer in my garage, it's no longer on 
        my homeowner's policy.  It's no longer a home-based business.  And this shop burns diesel 
        fuel.  All the benchwork is new, as are the machines.  I even bought a couple of generators
        so we can even operate if your meeting place doesn't have electricity.

The cost to walk out the door with a competitive, ready-to-race car is $39.50 . . . that includes 
        Eventbrite's fee for handling scheduling.

Anyway, you are going to love this new shop/bus.  Call me at 214/789-0359, and come see it.
        Or, call me to schedule a bus visit to your Pack meeting.
                Or call me to bring the bus to your Round Table meeting.
                            I'm going to be making a bus tour of the different Scout Shop shopping centers.  
                            I'll post those dates a week or so before I come out.

As always, safety instruction and machine procedures are included in each session.

You're going to love "The bus way in the world to build your car!"
When I first got the bus home.  It still looked like a bus.       With the seats out and the floor
                                                                                                swept, it became a different space. 
                                                                                                Overhead bins came out and benches                                                                                                 went in.  Then the machines.                  
Help us both!  
If you sign up for a slot tomorrow, please give me call at 214/789-0359 to make sure I see it. Thanks.
Now it looks like a shop, and I sweep sawdust out of it, and I'm constantly tinkering to make it work better.

So many things to do . . . I really have grown to enjoy the purple stripes, but I am going to take the "Shalimar" lettering off.  I installed mounts for the side banners for when it's parked for a Workshop.