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       on the Bus                                    Last Hurrah of Summer
                                                 and Absolutely last Hurrah of Summer

"What the hands learn, the mind cannot forget"
Thanks, Dallas!

PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus had a great first season parked within a hundred yards of our original location in Carrollton. It was really fun seeing familiar faces again and seeing how big the kids have grown. On our way back to our new home in McDonald County, Missouri, we stopped by Boy Scout and Girl Scout shops to spread the Good Word of PineWood Sawdust and Smiling Kids.  

We stopped in Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, and Amarillo. Then we  stopped in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We caught our breath a couple of days over the Easter weekend at our little place in the woods. Since then we have visited with Scouting Folk in Neosho, in Joplin, and in Springfield.

What’s really neat is that the new folks we met are as excited about the possibilities on the Shop Bus as we are. Because of the interest levels in these other cities, our availability dates have changed a little, and I have upgraded the calendar to show that. Please, please, please . . . mark your calendar and pass the word. I don’t want anybody not to be able to build their car aboard the Shop Bus. You might consider having your Pack distribute the kits earlier this year.

Please check the individual Calendar dates for central Workshop parking spots. The posted rates are for building sessions at the central parking spot. You can reserve a building slot for just your child and yourself or for up to nine building teams. We can roll “Big Sally” to your meeting site for a minimal additional fuel surcharge fee of three dollars per car. Those sessions are the “Safari Packages,” and you will need to reserve them as a block. “Safari Packages” consist of nine building slots Monday through Friday and thirty-six slots Weekends and School Holidays. Yes; you can also reserve for your Unit at the designated parking spot

This year we have five different pricing options: 

Individual Teams 
(parent and child team at the central parking spot) $41.00 per car plus Eventbrite fee
($41.00 per car)

Weeknight Full Shop Session 
(nine kids with parents at the central Workshop parking spot)
Weekend and Holiday Full Shop Session$360.00 plus Eventbrite fee
($40.00 per car)

Weekend Four-Session Shop Group 
(thirty-six kids with parents at the central Workshop parking spot)
$1440 plus Eventbrite fee
($40.00 per car)

Weeknight Safari Package
(nine kids with parents at your meeting place)
$387.00 plus Eventbrite fee
($43.00 per car)

Weekend and Holiday Four-Session Safari Package 
(thirty-six kids with parents at your meeting place)
$1548.00 plus Eventbrite fee
($43.00 per car)

Each building session lasts three hours and gives you and your child time to build a complete, painted, competitive racing car. Weeknight building schedules allow parents to get off work, pick up their child, and get to the central Workshop parking spot. Weekend sessions are at 8:AM, 11:30 AM, 3:PM, and 6:30 PM. All building sessions have “hard start” times so you and your child can receive the complete shop tool safety briefing. This is a requirement for my insurance.

These rates are per car. Each child building a racing car must have a parent with him or her. The rate includes use of the shop, the patterns, the tools, zinc weights, paints, initial graphite lubrication (if appropriate to your event), and serious safety instruction.

You need to bring your own car kit. If you wind up leaving your car kit on the kitchen table at home, we do have official kits available for purchase in our (three-foot-wide) on-the-bus store. We also have really cool decals, XLR8 Graphite, and geek-to-the-max tungsten weights available for purchase as well.

If you are planning a SAFARI PACKAGE, “Big Sally” the Shop Bus needs three things.
1. a level spot to park a 40-foot bus (think BIG RV!)
2. a duplex 20-amp electrical outlet (residential) within 100 -120 feet
3. rest room nearby

Right now our Fall and Winter schedule looks like this to date:

FRI 13 NOV — WED 18 NOVWichita Falls Area

FRI 20 NOV — WED 25 NOVAmarillo Area

FRI 27 NOV — WED 02 DECTulsa Area

FRI 04 DEC — WED 16 DEC Oklahoma City Area

FRI 18 DEC — WED 27 JANDallas Area

FRI 29 JAN — WED 03 FEBFort Worth Area