Pat Hardage's
PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus

"What the hands learn, the mind cannot forget"
PineWoodDerbyWorkshop Calendar & RESERVATIONS  ---- UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Hop aboard the Bus to Victory!
Your trophy's waiting at the next stop!

PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus is a mobile woodshop set up so kids from five to seventy-five can build a wooden first-class race car. In a three-hour session you and your small person can build a competitive, ready-to-race machine that will blow the competition’s doors off.  

We can also bring the Shop Bus to your location for your full-bus event for an addition fuel-surcharge per car.

This Building Season Schedule is . . .
DATES                   CITY  

16 November - 22 November                TULSA
24 November - 01 December                OKLAHOMA CITY  
03 November - 08 December                AMARILLO  
10 December  - 15 December                WICHITA FALLS  
17 December  - 26 January                   DALLAS  
28 January     - 02 February                 FORT WORTH  

These are the dates we will be in your town.  
We are really looking forward to seeing 
all the glorious car builders 
(and their parents) again.  

The same user-friendly reservation process 
we used last year (Eventbrite) will get you 
covered with sawdust in no time at all. 

As of today -- 28 September -- we are still
setting up the Eventbrite listings.  I will post 
as each set of reservations gets put in place.

Basically building days will lay out like this.

Before and after the Christmas Break (21 - 31 December)
Monday through Friday                             Saturday & Sunday and Holidays
    11:AM - 2:PM                                                    8:00 - 11:00
      5:30 - 3:30                                                    11:30 -  2:30
                                                                             3:00 -  6:00
                                                                             6:30 -  9:30

During Christmas Break (21-31 December) every day will be on the Saturday and Sunday schedule of four sessions each day.  Martin Luther King Day weekend will also be four-sessions-per day.

The Shop Bus will be in each town during the scheduled dates.  

It is easiest for everybody to find the Bus if it stays in the same parking space the entire time; therefore, I will park it for the entire period in a single spot.  

— I will contribute a donation of one hundred dollars per week to the host organization. That’s one reason I schedule each town in one-week sessions.  

— From that host parking place I can move the Shop Bus to your location outside the Christmas Break (19 December through 3 January) for a fuel surcharge of two dollars per car being built and a fully-reserved bus of nine slots.  

— Saturdays and Sundays and any day during the Christmas Break (19 December through 3 January) I can move the Bus to your location for a fuel surcharge of two dollars per car being built and a reservation of thirty-six slots per day.  

— I can move to your location for Martin Luther King Day (18 January) for the same fuel surcharge and thirty-six slots’ reservation.

Make your group reservation early to bring the bus to your location. Once a reservation is made on the bus at home base, the Bus stays there.

The Bus is forty feet long. It’s a repurposed Greyhound-style.  It needs the same room to operate as a school bus. For power we need to have a standard duplex outlet (110 volts, 16-20 amps) within one hundred feet. I will position the bus about an hour before your builders are scheduled to arrive.

Church parking lots are the best places to park because the space is there, the electric power is there, and the restrooms are accessible.

Please send me an email at PWDWSHOP@GMAIL.COM if your organization can host the PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus for the week we will be in your town.  Or call me at 214/789-0359.  We live down in a hollow . . . way . . . off the grid and don't receive cell or internet coverage till we get back on top.  Please leave a voice or text message.  I promise I will get back to you really quickly.                 THANKS!

We will make a donation of $100 per week for the times indicated for the different cities.

​        16 November - 22 November TULSA
        24 November - 01 December OKLAHOMA CITY  
        03 November - 08 December AMARILLO  
        10 December - 15 December WICHITA FALLS  
        17 December - 26 January DALLAS (Dallas can be broken up into individual weeks to be
                                                                   more workable)
                17 Dec thru  24 Dec
                26 Dec thru  31 Dec
                02 Jan thru  08 Jan
                09 Jan thru  15 Jan
                16 Jan thru   26 Jan

28 January - 02 February FORT WORTH
      Tulsa          Oklahoma           Amarillo          Wichita            Dallas              Fort
                            City                                          Falls                                    Worth