aboard Big Sally the Shop Bus II
My wife and I are traveling in Europe through September.  for any questions, please email me at   PWDWSHOP@GMAIL.COM.


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 Available       Headed back to Missouri-------->

This is what Big Sally II looked like when I first got her back to the house.

This is what she looks like now . . . totally blue
on the outside, anyway.  She looks HUGE.

All the seats out of the bus . .  . I have
to knife out the cushions and toss them,
             then recycle all the steel and 
             aluminum.  The cushions just
             go to the dump.
About half the seats as they have been jumbled out the window.
The 2x4 frame holding the window open this time prevented my
breaking windows this time.  The seats got to interlocked, I had
to tow them away from the bus with a chain hooked to the  Ranger.
Kind of what the inside of the bus looks like right now.  The floor gets totally crapped out, and I toss it all out the window.  Then I take a bunch more stuff down and crap out the floor, so I toss that out the window.  Then I . . .   Well, you get the picture.
This is so totally posed a photo.   I realized I didn't have any photos of the bus in progress on the page, so my wife and I hustled out to update everybody.  When I', actually working I have on a ratty t-shirt and no apron.  And I wear a hat because I'm constantly baking my skullbone on stuff I haven't taken out yet.  It cuts down the bloodletting and saves money on bandaid.

What's fun is that I remember so many things
I wish I'd had on Big Sally that I am already beginning to incorporate on Sally II.  You're gonna love her.
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Hey, y'all,

I'm posting this 11 March 2019.
My wife and I will be traveling in Europe for the next six months.
I will not be able to answer phone calls till after 15 September.
I will be happy do answer any questions you email me at



"Uncle Pat" Hardage