what the hands learn the mind cannot forget
  Pat Hardage's
PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus
is coming to El Paso
Saturday, 28th of January
Scouter's WOW

Big Sally the PineWoodDerbyWorkshop Bus is being hosted this year at

Lincoln Middle School
500 Mulberry Ave.
El Paso, TX 79932

    I had a workshop in Carrollton, Texas, in my garage till I retired and moved to Missouri. The main idea of the PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus is to help kids build a first-class pinewood race car. In a single three-hour session you and your small human can build a competitive, ready-to-race machine that will blow the competition’s doors off.  

We can bring the Shop Bus to your location for your full-bus event for an addition fuel-surcharge per car.

We use the Eventbrite reservation process to keep from double-booking people on top of each other, and we can get you covered with sawdust in no time at all.

It is easiest for everybody to find the Bus if it stays in the same parking space the entire time; therefore, I will park it for the entire period in a single spot.  (I call that "Big Sally's Place" in the calendar.)

— I will contribute a donation of one hundred dollars per week to the host organization where I can park the Shop Bus for the week. That’s one reason I schedule each town in one-week sessions.  

— From that host parking place I can move the Shop Bus to your location for a fuel surcharge of two dollars per car being built in a fully-reserved bus.  School days Big Sally is full with nine kids building cars.  Weekends and holidays, she is full with four sessions (8:AM, 11:30, 3:PM, 6:30) of nine kids and cars.

Make your group reservation early to bring the bus to your location. Once a reservation is made on the bus at home base, the Bus stays there.

The Bus is forty feet long. It’s a repurposed Greyhound-style coach. It needs the same room to operate as a school bus. For power we need to have a standard duplex outlet (110 volts, 16-20 amps) within one hundred feet. I will position the bus about an hour before your builders are scheduled to arrive.

Church parking lots are the best places to park because the space is there, the electric power is there, and the restrooms are usually accessible.  (Restrooms are especially important on weekends.)


El Paso,
Let us reason together about scheduling for next year's racing season.
(Or this year's, for that matter.)
I put the calendar for the year together some time in August.
Saturday, 28 January
Yucca District University of Scouting
8:45 - 11:45          1:15 - 4:15
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